Why hips and pelvis are important for your health

The pelvis can without doubt be described as the central hub in the body when it comes to power distribution, energy-management, and manifestation in physical, emotional, psychological and energetic aspects.


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Hardly any other structure in the body is so widely connected and is capable of influencing all aspects of our lives like the pelvis.


Whether or not you feel strong positive emotions partially depends on your pelvis.

Whether or not you feel strong and flexible in your legs which are fully capable of balancing you through life depends on your pelvis.

Whether or not you feel self-confident and centered in yourself depends to a high degree on the state of your pelvis and the adjacent muscles.

Whether or not your sex drive and overall sexual performance is at its best and you can give yourself freely to your partner and the passion that lies within you in sexual encounters depends on the freedom, muscle tension and energy flow in and through your pelvis.

Whether or not you can breathe freely depends on the ability of you pelvis and its adjacent muscles to adapt.

Whether or not you want to connect with your body and let go of too many thoughts that pull you out of your center is highly dependent on the state of your pelvis, the hip joints and internal muscle tensions in your body center.

And the list goes on.


Many very important structures run through or are located in your pelvic region. One of the most important ones is the musculus iliopsoas which is actually a combination of two muscles, both of which originate from the spine and the inside of your hip bones.

The Iliopsoas muscle is responsible for stabilizing us, it’s extremely important for normal walking and running, and its performance is directly linked to our ability to breath freely and to digest food properly, just to name a few.


Blood Flow and Acidity

The legs are quite big parts of our body. In order to function properly they need fresh, blood with high oxygen content and are dependent on a functioning system that helps to get rid of CO2 as well as toxins. A higher CO2 level in the body translates to higher acidity!


Normally, the legs should act as an additional “pump” to keep body-fluids in a healthy circulation. Too much sitting or other constrictions in the hip joints reduce this natural circulatory support.

Actually, the body sometimes has to go a step further and is faced with the choice of either living with the reduced flow in the legs, which affects the immune system and overall agility, or raising the blood pressure in order to push through the narrow structures in the hip and pelvic region. Both are not ideal and should be avoided to support health.


Body Structure

Everything, from taking simple steps to the tension of the shoulder muscles, is influenced by the relative position of the pelvis towards the spine, the freedom of the hip joints and the movability of the sacro-iliac joints.

Furthermore, the body’s internal and external structure plays a very important role in almost all body functions. Digestion, immune system, breathing and even cognitive functions rely on a healthy body structure, in order to function with ease in their most efficient form possible.

The body’s internal stress-level is directly related to the amount of unnatural or compensational tension in our structure, both the passive (bones, joints, ligaments, fascia) and the active (muscles) one.

A healthy free flowing body structure on the other hand translates to flexibility, a clear, calm state of mind and agility in life.


Sexual performance and reproduction

Apart from the fact that having sex with someone whose hip joints are open is much more fun, there are a number of physiological reasons why the enhanced blood flow and flexibility is good for your reproductive organs.

The whole pelvic region is an area where unfortunately many people are still storing a lot of tension due to narrow belief systems or bad experiences. Therefore, it’s quite important to keep the muscles in this area relaxed and yet powerful.

For men and women alike, too much or too little tension in the pelvic region can lead to problems such as aversion to sex, impotence or even infertility. Especially menstrual problems in women are often caused or at least favoured by cramped muscles or wedged joints in the pelvic region and the lower abdomen.

The genitals are very sensitive areas that have similar body wide connections than for example zones on the feet, the hands or the ears that are used in reflexology.


Proper nourishment and a good balanced capability for tension and relaxation is the key to a fulfilled sex-life and a healthy urogenital tract throughout the whole life, because movement generates energy and helps to distribute it. This is true from a biological as well as an energetic point of view.

And just as it’s a proven fact that the quality of sperm is a lot better in males who don’t wear restrictive clothes, it’s also fact that tension or pressure from the outside (e.g. clothes) and/or from the inside increases stress in local glands and organs, thus reducing their ability to “focus” on their healthy main function.


IT’s FUN !!

Jumping around, dancing, running, swimming, or rolling on the couch like a small child in a pillow fight. Moving your hips and pelvis is the motor to your life. Literally everything is a lot more fun when you feel connected with yourself and your power source. All the boiling life inside of you has got this wonderful channel through which it can be distributed to the expression on your face, the sparkle in your eyes and the youth and strength in your movement. You just have to access it and let it out!


Some positive effects of a free healthy pelvis:

  • Feeling free
  • Living life to the fullest
  • Feeling centered
  • Lower risk of structural damage and or injury
  • More stability emotionally and physically
  • More agility and fun
  • More energy
  • Boosted immune system
  • And many more…


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