questioning of the world – basic method – story of the force

Have you ever had questions which you couldn’t answer alone at the given moment? I think you have. At least, this is the case with most people. The method of questioning of the world belongs to the area of oracle methods. So how does this method work? It’s quite simple – you merely direct your question towards the world – literally. With “world” I mean the wholeness of the network of life in which we exist as forms on this planet. I mean the soil, plants, animals, other human beings, and literally every soul which is part of the living environment “Earth” – the world. We all are inseparably connected with this world. Not only that, we are part of it and just as “meaningful” or “meaningless” as every other gearwheel in this huge symbiosis of life.

You might probably say that you don’t believe in oracle, which I can understand as there is a lot to know in order to understand them properly. I suggest, give it a shot and continue reading to the next passage. You won’t have lost anything from it but you might have gained a lot.

First we have to figure out what happens when you ask a question. Well, this depends a bit on the kind of question, but basically all questions have one thing in common. They open up for an answer. This statement has a far-reaching meaning. It is long proven that thoughts have a lot of power and play a vital role in shaping matter. Physically seen it is the principle of resonance which once again is effective here. When you pose a question, the words have power, because they are used by many, many people. Therefore, they are not only arrangements of letters but also carry meaning, which, in physical terms, equals frequency. There is a lot of physical evidence of the effects of statements and single words on matter. When you pose a question, a specific, question-related kind of information resonates with it and radiates from it. Everything which is sent out also causes a reaction or, better said, attracts correspondent vibrations. Be cautious what you ask because if you, for example, ask something out of fear, this feeling also resonates with the question and will accordingly also be comprised in the answer, including exactly the information you don’t want to hear. But for now back to how questions generate answers…..

Often, the question alone is not enough. An essential part of a good enquiry is the possibility to understand the answer, which means seeing on the one hand and correctly understanding on the other. Right, here was the word. Answer… The good question is therefore, how the “world” actually responds. The answer is simple. Like every organic network in which action and reaction occur, sent vibration causes vibration, or resonates with similar vibration, in the surrounding environment, which again, stimulated by it, sends back vibrations and creates effects in the surroundings too. Hence, the answer is hardly something which could be defined as a verbal answer. It appears in the form of what we experience right after asking the question. This means that the person asking automatically opens up to being attracted to the answer. This already is the most difficult part, because most people are not used to pay attention to this slight pull, which in comparison to our overload world is quite faint. Being attentive and trained enough to sense such impulses and to follow them, may cause for you to step on the street with a question, additionally form the intention to let yourself being attracted by the answer and then head off. Like they say, just following one’s nose… or one’s gut feeling… or which part of your body your intuition leads you from.

We all are, as already ascertained, inseparably connected with each other and woven in this great network of life. Thereby, our consciousness is a non-localized phenomenon which is just there as an omnipresent vibration and which uses the own body as a means of expression and a sensorium for experience. Exactly because of this simple fact, possible doubts arising from spatial or temporal differences are unnecessary. If you ask a question and send out the intention to receive the answer, your body is still where it is, but the energy of your thoughts and of your intention is already everywhere. Basically, you have already received the answer, but most people are not trained enough to directly read it in the consciousness which doesn’t know spatial or temporal boarders. Hence, you have to go ahead with your instrument, the body, and let yourself be attracted by the answers. Answers, that are merely the manifestation on a more physical sense of the vibrations and reality caused by your question and the response of the whole web. In this case, the answers are experiences, observations and simply patterns which you meet while walking and which serve as aid to translate the “abstract” into something more understandable for your mind.

The following story may explain a few things:

It happened during one of my training sessions in Austria. Every student received a different task specific to his or her current state f development. One of the given tasks was the following. I told “S”, one of my students, to use the method of questioning of the world to get answers to the question what the next necessary and or important steps for him and his personal and spiritual development, in a lightful, loving and positive way were. The exact instruction was to set a clear time frame and a clear spatial frame in which he would “chase the answer” (at that time we were near a forest, so in order to avoid having the answer “delivered” two kilometres away it is useful to set a frame). An important point in this exercise is to also let yourself be attracted by a spot along the way and to stay there until you have the feeling that it fits or you’ve seen what’s important. Then let yourself be attracted by the next spot without analysing yet. To analyse too early takes you out of the flow of further letting yourself be attracted and thus disturbs the process of cognition. So “S” positioned himself to prepare for the task, formulated his question, released the intention of receiving the answer and marched into the process. He returned a while after and reported what could already be seen in his face from afar – confusion. He told me: “I first set an approximate time frame and, before that, the area in which everything should happen. Then I asked the question “What do I have to do next for my positive, loving and lightful development?” Well, and then I marched off… first down there… then over there…”. At this point I interrupted him for a moment and asked him to save time and not describe every step of the way. Then he said: “Well… I had never seen as much dead wood in my life as I did in these few minutes. Here a freshly cut tree, there a pile of wood, there a dismantled branch and another pile of wood with dead twigs which has already started to live again through its grown moss… one time a young and thin tree and then even more dead wood etc.
I said “well, what does it tell you?” – “S”: “I have no idea!!” He was clearly uncomfortable as his question did seem positive. I asked him to utter it again loudly and as precisely as possible so that everyone could hear it. He repeated the same question. Instead of instantly giving an explanation I asked him to go on his quest again, this time with a slightly altered question: “How can I fulfil the necessary tasks which I need for my lightful, loving and positive development in the best possible way?” He nodded his head, prepared himself for the question and marched off again. A few minutes later he returned with a bright and enlightened expression on his face. In the meantime I explained to the group, why I sent him off again. I was quite sure which answers he would receive but without knowing in which way the world would give it to him. I also didn’t tell my assumptions in front of the group for as long as he was on his way, so as not to manifest the vibrations through it and thus restrict what he could find. Here’s what he told us: “…. and then I marched off for the second time. Out to the meadow, and then I was so strongly attracted by the small, young tree which I already passed the first time. Well, and then I stood there and looked at it with its power, its possibilities to move and its developing process to a large tree. And then I thought, all that dead pieces wood from before were some blockages in me. But this is the one where I’m free and able to move, and that’s where I need to put my focus on, or I won’t be able to come forth…” I laughed and congratulated him. He has accomplished the task with bravura and I summarised the whole thing with a few words for the group:

All this dead wood and the cut trees represented the unsolved blockages in my student, something, which he still had to deal with in order to continue in his positive development (more on blockages in another article). This was exactly what he was asking the first time. The answer came precisely; he only interpreted the question a bit differently than it was understood by the world. He expected a method or a clear way of action, which, however, was not included in the question. Basically, this was his only “mistake”, whereat this ultimately just shows how much intention and actual statement can drift apart if not formulated precisely. The second question has given him the solution. To solve the blockages the answer doesn’t lie in the blockages themselves but in those parts where one is free. If you stand on a blockage and try to solve blockages from this position it is always a rocky matter which might partly end up in failure, or it may bring partial success but not the entire solution. If you manage to have the perspective from the free, powerful parts of your own self, you are also in a good position to solve the blockages without falling into unsteadiness or even losing yourself. Hence, even when solving blockages, the focus on the positive is the tool of choice. It’s also what my student learned on this evening. Even the “mistake” was an important part of the process as the seeming detour has brought him realizationt which otherwise could have been merely some belief again. In this spirit, all the best J

The method in short:

  • Centering, i.e. shortly calm down and focus your thoughts
  • Uttering the question (out loud or in the mind) and establishing the intention to be attracted by the answers
  • Releasing the intention and marching off (if you have difficulties with this part, combine it with a conscious exhaling or a muscular relaxation to stop clinging to the question)
  • Marching off and being attentive
  • Evaluating what has caught your eye
  • In case of doubt, re-evaluating the question and asking it again in clear form to get an additional point of view.

I hope the previous story (the ones based on facts are the best) gives you a good insight into the technique of questioning of the world and how the game of question and answer is to be understood. Of course, everything will improve, from asking the question to the evaluation of the result. If possible, let someone experienced, occasionally help you, as an external perspective often helps to interpret the signs objectively. Have fun experimenting! J

Note: The method which is described here is one version of this technique. Based on the same principles there are several other ways to receive answers. I will tell more about them in a different article.



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