Enjoy the wonders of the world and most importantly feel inspired by them to live life to the fullest!


All pictures are taken by myself. Many pictures are shot from specific angles, with the intention to display a certain energy of a place or pattern. It’s all about diversity and life in it’s expressions in nature, a complex web which we all call our home and we are all a part of. For me photography is something to inspire others to look at the beautiful things life has to offer. Coexisting on this planet is not some mental concept, but a very manifest basic principle. Everything connects to everything else on some level. I believe that it is, among other things, through perception of form, color, movement and different forms of life that we can learn to realize and experience this within ourselves. It is through experience that we grow to understand and learn to expand our consciousnes in ways otherwise hidden from us.


In the galleries you will find beautiful single shots and pictures that complement the whole in almost as in a picturediary.

Have fun exploring the world from different angles.




Bali 2015




Singapore 2015




Austria 2015




Sri Lanka 2015