Name:                                                                   Egwin Ertl

Business adress:                                                8010 Graz
Brockmanngasse 65/4   / AUSTRIA

Tel:                                                                           +43/ (0) 650/ 37 44 222

UID Nr.:                                                                   exampt from VAT (§ 6 Abs. 1 Z 27 UStG) –
small business regulation

Membership at WKO:                                        Sparte “Sport u. Freizeitbetriebe” und “Handel”

Business administration:                                 Bezirkshauptmannschaft Graz
Business designation:                                       Erstellen von Trainingsplanen für
gesundheitsbewusste Menschen / Handels u. Handelsagentengewerbe

The main purpose of this site is to organize workshops and spread information concerning themes like health, personal and spiritual developement, physical training, health protection and natural lifestyle. Despite the articles on this website I do so via workshops, regular classes, speaches and publications.
Lebenswind is free of religious content and is not connected to any religion, which is why everyone no matter his or her personal religous believes is free to use the services provided by Lebenswind. Lebenswind and all events of Egwin Ertl are based on the principle of personal free will. All techniques and information provided are suggestions that can be used to optimize body and mind. Lebenswind is not a beliefe system.

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