GMOs – what you should think about for a second

Genetically modified organisms are not natural. They are artificially created modifications of natural occurring organisms. That’s a big difference. Now you will find a lot of arguments that nature does the same, and that everything is a genetically modified organism due to mutation, natural development and adaptation. But that’s just a game with words. By modern definition, when the media or some companies are talking about GMOs what they are talking about are organisms that were deliberately changed on DNA level by humans in order to meet certain criteria not native to or not present in sufficient amount in the original version of that organism.
Well those changes come with a lot of side effects, some of which we know already and some that will eventually crystallize. That’s still not mentioning the side effects of chemicals and pesticides that are used in combination with genetically modified organisms. But let’s stick with that first thought for a moment.

Every single organism on this planet fills a certain gap in the possibility of expression and fulfils a certain role in the web of life. There is not a single organism no matter on which level that could live when deprived of its surroundings, thus everything is connected on many different levels. Natural occurring changes in this web of life depend on the natural evolvement of organisms, for various reasons, and the ability of the rest of the web to adapt to those changes.

Every possibility for natural change is just as much a development process as it is the curiosity of life to find new forms of expression. Still, there is this old saying that for everything in life there is a counterpart, for ever disease there is a cure in nature. This is actually true, at least it used to be until humans decided to create new diseases, biological weapons, GMOs and similar interferences in the natural web. The world sure didn’t stand still. On the contrary many new forms of life, many new bacteria and even plants slowly start to surface to balance those changes once again, BUT humans in their destructive creativity which always seems at it’s peak when it’s about gaining personal profit are implementing new changes at a rate that doesn’t allow nature a lot of time to adjust. And yes, this means it doesn’t give us a lot of time to adjust because our bodies are quite slow in adjusting to those changes compared to other aspects, and other species in the web of life. Just look at the extremely fast rising numbers of people with immune deficiencies, allergies, hormonal imbalances and so on. Sure not 100% of those ailments are caused by GMOs or harmful chemicals that we ingest, but they definitely play a major role in destabilizing the body’s natural healthy functions.

The real problem lies in the fact that absolutely no one, no scientist and no supercomputer on this planet is even remotely capable to overpeer the complexity of the web of life. No one can predict the effects one “small” single change will have on the whole system. A system, we are an interlinked, integral and dependant part of. This is what makes GMOs unnatural. It’s the humans mind that thinks it can fix something in a system so complex that it defies all modern science. The idea of having to fix something in nature is the first mistake. Modern science with its deductive methods being yet another of the problems because a system of the complexity of the web of life, can never be fully understood by breaking it down to its smallest components. Even worse, if someone tries to rearrange certain minute parts of it to his or her own liking without being able to grasp the interactions on a web wide level ranging from animals, humans and plants to the weather and down to the cellular and even quantum level on which the informational exchange in the natural web takes place that normally allows for naturally occurring holistic adaption. It’s the short-sightedness of such actions powered by greed of gain and the urge of scientific recognition of some very view that have already pushed the adaptive ability of the human body and many other species beyond their possibilities given the time in which those changes happened and are still happening.


Arguing that GMOs are just a naturally enhanced way of natural mutation is just out right wrong. And also scientifically untenable.


There is no need for GMOs. As so many times in so many different areas it’s a need that was created by those in power to make money and to control. It would still be possible to feed the world without any GMO crops what so ever. Let me rephrase that. IT IS STILL POSSIBLE!!! For now… The question is, whether or not enough people wake up to this simple truth and are willing to take part in the overall changes of our global lifestyle that are needed in order manifest a sustainable GMO free food supply to each and every one in every country on this world with no exceptions what so ever. The methods are there. The resources are there. The plant diversity is still here.

Some people might think that such changes would influence their oh.. so comfortable lifestyle. There would be changes sure, but would they really be for the worse? No. On the contrary, the changes necessary would help to heal many problems in our modern world. Not just our bodies, but our emotional health and our overall connection to life in general.

We as a human race are still able to leave this path of self-destruction if enough people stand up to those who wrongfully try to sell us something that is harmful to us and the environment. It’s a simple choice for life. Sharing and caring over greed and egoistic motives, love, joy and living over fear, despair and hate. We can interact with the world in ways that are actually helpful not only to our own development but to nature aswell. Even though we are so many we can still live sustainable and free.

As much creativity humans have in finding ways to destroy, there is always that other side that creates, shapes, and manifests incredible beauty. We are a race of shapers and doers. It’s time we chose to use this ability to create a world worth living in, where all creatures are respected, natural resources are treated with care and a future is created in which we love to bear our children for we know they will have a beautiful life to experience in joy and carry on that legacy of peaceful loving creation.

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