7+ Methodes center yourself, relieve stress and live

It sometimes so happens that you feel tired and competely out of your centre, everything seems in a blur, your mind won’t calm down and your emotions are an indescribable mix, all of which makes you feel stressed out, disconnected from yourself and fretful. Of course you can take a 2 months vacation, but there are other effective ways to deal with such a situation. Even if you are lucky enough to be able to take the vacation, you could probably use some of the following methods. So the question is: What is it that you personally can do for yourself to be centred again, in a calm state and with clear emotional impulses that you are in perfect control of. What can YOU do to make your life worth living again and to feel very comfortable in the process?

First, you have to recognize that you are in control. You might not feel like it right now, but you and you alone have the power to decide, whether or not to leave your state of confusion. If you have no idea how to obtain this state of self-empowerment, which at the beginning is probably the case, just do yourself one big favor. Don’t exclude the possibility that it’s true and you might actually have that power! So first of all it is about allowance. It‘s about you allowing yourself to look beyond your own nose, beyond your state you feel trapped in at the moment and furthermore, allow yourself to experience positive changes in yourself, which you are the creator of.
You can do that quite easily, either by being conscious about it and stating that you give yourself this freedom of new self-created experiences or, if you think it‘s necessary to give these words a meaning, you can comfortably take a seat, relax as much as currently possible and use a short but powerful affirmation a couple of times before you move along either to the next exercise or the next necessary things of your daily life. Yes, it’s true; this alone will already make a change and create a positive drive in your own life. It won’t be enough for tough cases but it will open up the right channels to make other exercises more efficient. A simple example of an affirmation you could use would be: „I allow myself to be in charge of my thoughts and emotions“, or „I allow myself to be relaxed, clear and centered“.
With affirmations, the most important thing is that they are positive, simple and verbalized as a statement instead of a wish. Repeat them in a calm manner and if you wish you can also speak them out loud, ideally in the rhythm of your breath. As mentioned above this can be combined with all other methods because it is almost literally the centerpiece of the puzzle.

Body-oriented consciousness exercise
We often describe it as body-oriented meditation as well. I guess both is possible, although the term „consciousness exercise“ hits the nail on the head so to speak. Behind this statement a very simple but powerful truth unfolds. You see, the body communicates with us through feelings and sensations rather than what most would see as a language. In simplest terms it means that you learn to consciously perceive your body in the body’s language, i.e. a sensation and feeling that is full of non-mental information but can be translated later on.
Let me put it this way: Do you feel your feet at the moment? Maybe they are inside shoes, so you probably feel them embedded in your footwear when you focus on them. Now imagine filling your feet completely with your attention, so that you are actually able to feel everything inside of them, not only some fabric touching them on the surface. Yes, that is what I’m talking about. Real, deep perception. Your imagination actually only plays a minor role, helping you to focus on the correct area, but as soon as you have the connection, it’s in fact not about imagining things. It’s only about feeling. And when I say feeling I don’t mean some vague, possibly energetic feeling. Although this can be a part of it, it’s really mainly about the physical sensation first. The most important thing for you in order to regain control of your whole being, is to realize, that feeling your body in every little detail that is there, releases the strain that the overactive mental puts on the body. So you don’t go through your thought in order to achieve something in your own self, you simply get one step closer to your manifestation, the body and feel. There, it‘s not really about interpreting or analyzing. It’s only about being able to feel every part of yourself, again step by step, until you are able to be inside of your body and feel it as a whole. At this point, most thoughts will be gone and a deep level of physical relaxation will set in.

Using color
Using different colors in many different ways can completely clarify the chaos inside of you. I only go over some easily learned and yet effective methods here, as there are many possibilities to work with color, and while all of them are interesting, not all of them are suited or necessary for our objective.
Color basically refers to a specific frequency that depends on the individual color. In our daily lives we are permanently confronted with many of those frequencies. And that’s good, because it means that it’s something that our body is used too. It’s always good to use something as a tool which is so natural that we almost ignore it. Every color has specific effects on us, may it be physical, emotional or energy wise. So basically, the only question remaining is how to use color in order to improve a certain state.
First of all, whenever you interact with something very naturally on a conscious level it supports clarity.
This time our consciousness plays a vital role in all the following exercises. It’s all about focus and the right kind of concentration.

One very simple way to use color for healing, relaxing the mind and clarifying emotions and thoughts is to “fill” the body with color. The difference between the following techniques lies primarily in the way how you “get the color in”. To calm the mind, the probably most effective way is to fill your body with a color of your choice, starting from the feet and slowly moving upwards until you reach the head, so that every single part of your body is completely filled with color. The next stage is to fill not only your body but also your emotional body and emotional field. This one is closely intertwined with the body but is also the area in your immediate surroundings, between maybe half a meter up to around one and a half or even two meters away from your body. Use the same procedure to fill body and field with the color of your choice until you deem it enough and there are no blocks and no areas that stand against the color. Your ability to “hold” the color in your body or field will increase with each exercise within the next couple of days and weeks.
In the next step you fill your body and your mental field, which is the next layer of energy that you will find right after the emotional field. Just fill your body with color again and let it radiate out to the mental field and all its parts in your body as well. Once again, the more trained you are the easier it will be to fill all areas of the mental field and mental body with the color you want.
This little exercise alone will be your life savior as it tremendously helps to free yourself from blocked energy and thinking patterns. It will support new thoughts, calm emotions and a free flowing and centered experience in your body.

I’m explaining different layers of the body’s “energy emissions” in a separate article. For now, the only thing really important is that the layers of the body’s energy field are not like layers of an onion. They all emit from the cells, radiate and in this way permeate each other. There are only areas which one could describe as “layers” in an almost spherical field in which some aspects show more clearly than others.

If you are not yet comfortable with the concept of energy layers and energy fields, don’t worry. The exercise will also work if you “only” apply it on your body.

One interesting question might be which colors you should use. Well, think of the colors of a rainbow. I wouldn’t use dark, gray or brownish colors. And for this simple work, stick with simple colors. As a template you can google a nice picture of a rainbow or go outside when the next rainbow appears to get inspired. Also at the beginning it helps having a visual impression of the color you want to use in order to stay focused more easily. Looking at a real rainbow to get in tune with the colors is obviously the better choice than searching the internet.

Another quite effective method to use color is to simply let it flow into your body as if you were an empty vessel which is open at the top.

In both methods it’s important that in the end the body is completely filled with your color, without missing a spot and without deviations from the color tone. You are perfectly in control and it’s your decision how long you want to keep it. Generally, it makes sense to pick one color, apply it until you are filled with it, hold it like that for a couple of seconds in the beginning up to a couple of minutes when you are getting more experienced, and then return back to the here and now. Don’t try too many different colors in one session. Choose one, work with it, celebrate your success and live. Then, in the next session, use a different color.

As crazy as it may sound, you already make a development by taking a coloring book for children, a couple of differently colored pencils and being creative in how you fill the blank spaces in the book. Also, just as an idea, be completely different. What I mean is that as an adult most people would start to color a certain drawing as close to its real life counterpart as possible. You can do that and its great because it helps you to train your visualization and you learn how to bring your perception into the moment. But, as so often, don’t do it all the time. Sometimes just take a pencil and let your “heart speak”. Try to consciously use colors that are not conform to the reality of thing – which would lead to the question what reality really is, but that is also something to be elaborated on in another article.

The next thing that will help you heaps in getting back to be your true self is to consciously work with your body. And here, I don’t mean work out, although that could be supportive as well if done properly. What I mean is to interact with your body, on a conscious level through soft movements and gentle stretches. Sounds like Yoga to you? Yeah, fair enough, it has similarities, but it’s not necessary to become a yoga master in order to become centered and calm minded again. Try something extremely simple like some easy stretches that don’t require much effort and time and which you can do in the morning when you are still in bed or in the evening before going to sleep. Some stretches are obviously more suited than others. And especially, as the goal is still to get the mind back into a calm state and restore your conscious connection to your inner source and your body, there are some that are quite helpful. For this rather physical exercise it’s best to focus on stretches which open up your pelvis, hip and leg area. Those areas are actually the center of a lot of problems with your neck, head or shoulder parts.
For stretching suggestions that fit these specific requirements, check out the video tutorial on simple stretches to center and calm yourself, as for movement and posture it is always better to actually see the movements rather than to read instructions, which would again demand your conscious mind to process it.

As already mentioned, the physical part is already extremely important for our overall wellbeing! No matter what we do in our mind or what happens emotionally, it all comes down to a physical reaction. So trying to overpower a mental or emotional problem with more mental processes doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. Actually, it often makes it worse, as one tension pattern in the body doesn’t get resolved, but overwritten by another, pushing the existing one physically deeper into the structure. If, however, you use your consciousness to get back in touch with your feeling you will be able to recognize those unnatural patterns and are empowered to resolve them.

Another thing you can do is simple conscious body movement. You might say “well, if I move I tell the body to do so”, but that isn’t really the same. Remember the first exercise? The one with the body orientated consciousness development? If you have done it, you might remember the feeling you perceived right at the end, your consciousness completely filling your body and feeling every part of it simultaneously. “Jump” into this feeling for the whole body, or at the very least the body part you want to move, and its surrounding structures. Now, you are in the right state to perform conscious movement. It’s about feeling your body and really participating in it, rather than doing something physical while your mind is wondering around. It’s not that important which movement you perform, but if you need some ideas again, check out my video tutorials that cover some options.

Breathing is always a nice way to get in touch with oneself, especially when it’s done properly. This time, to reach your goal, it’s not even that much about the perfect breathing technique. It’s more about the correct rhythm.
When the goal is relaxation, one of the most important things is the phase of exhalation. The further you shift your breathing pattern to prolong or deepen your exhalation as much as it is possible, the better it will support stress reduction, relaxation and a calm mind.


I know that for many people, especially in western society, there is a certain given plan that seems to dictate their lives. Getting up at a certain time, having meals at set times, planning some time with your family and so on. That’s all good up to the point when you loose yourself in your plans and in the normal day patterns. It is crucial to your relaxation and your ability to center yourself, calm your mind, and truly live and enjoy life, rather than just being driven through, that you allow yourself to follow your spontaneous impulses -to follow your nose, your gut feeling. Again, it is often necessary to learn how to listen to that gut feeling because it’s always there, just not always intense enough to break through the patterns that many people live by. Allowing yourself to live your true self your true ideas and wishes is that single most important step if you effectively want to be yourself, in control and in a state of joyful living, with yourself and with those you want to have in your life.


In short words:

  • Give yourself permission to take control – empower yourself
  • Do body orientated exercise using your consciousness
  • Work with colors – be as clear and simple with this exercise as possible it well get easier soon! J
  • Stretching – especially hips, pelvis and legs
  • The movements should be simple and clear
  • Breathing – distinct pattern that’s out of the ordinary
  • Last but not least LIVE! – give yourself the permission to live just following the impulses

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